Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2017


Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2017
took place almost 4 weeks ago and I still can’t believe I was there. (: I was so excited that I forgot to tak pics, so I have only few from my phone. You can also check my IG account @papier_i_welna.


The atmosphere there was fantastic. I met so many amazing people, who I know only from Internet from all over the world. Everybody was smiling and celebrating moments with friends. I was impressed by the amount of visitors and exhibitors.
I took part in workshop with Karie Bookish – Get Published! There were so many lovely ladies, who design and publish amazing projects. It was a great time for me! Especially, that I didn’t know to the last days before the trip if I could go – I am pregnant and it was the last call to take the flight. (; I am so thankful for these moments. <3

Due to the EYF 2017, my husband and I took opportunities and stayed in Edinburgh for the weekend. We unanimous agreed, Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful city, which we had a chance to visit. The weather was good and we were able to see the most interesting places.

I fell in love with their stone houses with colorful doors and windows. (:

We took a walk by Royal Mile from the Castle to The Holyrood Park. I am really sorry that I couldn’t get to the top of Holyrood. But I will have a great excuse to come back here later. (: We were also in amazing Royal Botanic Garden. I hope to publish some more photos from there. If you had a chance, you should go to National Museum of Scotland. The entrance is free and there are 7 floors full of collections covering science and technology, natural history, and world cultures.

Oh, EYF, I hope I will have a chance to visit you in next editions!
Thank you Mica and Jo for your fantastic work!


kisses, N.



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