the first light shawl


when in Poland weather started to change and the spring was in the air, I started dreaming about my very first shawl made by myself. in truly spring colors – I thought about green and gray. but I realized that there is, in my basket, a perfect skein of Bouncy Merino from Martin’s Lab studio waiting for new project.
I’ve jumped to my Ravelry queued project (which is getting longer and longer!) and picked up The First Light shawl by Veera Valimaki.
And then I fall in love… with the yarn, project and knitting at all. it was perfect project for new beginning. (:


I used 4.0 mm needles and two quite different types of yarn –  1 skein of Bouncy Merino from Martin’s Lab in Strawberry Yoghurt colorway (I love this name!) and  2 skeins of 100% Alpaca wool PUNA DROPS in dark gray.
I love the effect and currently The First Light Shawl is on the top of my list. I use it everyday. (:
Here is the project page on my Ravelry profile.

what’s on your needles right now? (:
I am really curious.  ((:

kisses, N.



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