Yuri sweater


I hope you are doing well since the last time. (:
we are still waiting for our little baby girl, so I managed to take photos of my latest finished piece.
I made myself Yuri sweater designed by amazing Junko Okamoto. it’s oversized with a color work chart section (which I totally adore!).


I used 7oczek SoSoft Singles yarn, which is 100% merino wool in Pink Sand Beach (3,5 skeins) and Old Boat (0,7 skein) colorways. The yarn surprised me on every step of the work.  And the final effect is just perfect. (:


I like every single detail in this project. it’s easy written and the final has the twist. maybe due to the cuffs or the oversize construction. I can’t explain that, but it’s definitely my favorite sweater in my wardrobe. (:


Here is my ravelry project page for Yuri sweater.
Please, let me know if You like it. or maybe you have your own version of this sweater?

kisses, natalie.


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